Some of these photos show the noise that often occurs with
a digital camera. This is because I need to overdrive the CCD
to try to get the results I wanted - where film still exceeds
digital. If I was at home, I'd just edit out the noise, but it's
hard to get good colour happening on an LCD screen, so I can't
easily do it here.

All enlarged photos are 1024x768, a nicer wallpaper size than usual.

Lightning bolt as viewed from backyard of house.
Badly aimed, but good looking sky for lightning.
Another badly aimed, but cool lightning anyway.
Not all lightning bolts here are fat bolts.
Multiple bolts forking.
More forking action.
Cool bolt from Red Hill. Orange glow in these
is the Silver Lake Lab - onsite geochem lab.
Possibly my favourite lightning photo of mine.
More glowing clouds.
And even more glowing clouds
First lightning photo ever!
Stars - definately need a remote release for this.
Light sensitivity is so high that there's too much noise.
Good to illustrate the Southern Cross & pointers tho.
The moon. Possibly the best desktop wallpaper.