Postie bike wheels and Michelin M45 tyres and tubes

These photos all are directly from pulling the wheels out from the storage box they've been for the last year and a half - no washing, no polishing, nothing. Rims are in excellent condition.


Front wheel

Whole wheel. Rim is in excellent condition, as are spokes. There is no rust on the inside or on the outside of the rim. Even the spoke protector rubber strip inside the rim is in fantastic shape.

All of the rim is in this condition.


Rear wheel

This rim is in as good external condition as the front wheel. Has slightly less material on the brake drum lining. Spokes are in great condition. Minor surface rust inside the rim (i.e. the bit that is covered by the tyre).

Rim is in great condition, nice and shiny, as are the spokes.

Note, these shots are before even cleaning the rims up, so there's dust and stuff on them. They would clean up to be show quality.



I also have Michelin M45 tyres to suit both the front and rear tyres. These include tubes.



$75/each for the wheels

$50/each for a tyre and tube combination (not fitted as they are easier to ship that way. Fitting and balancing probably $10/wheel at one's local motorcycle store).

Postage would depend on exactly how well I can pack them into a box - at this stage, I don't have a suitable box.